About Curtis

I’ve been been building software for over 30 years as a hobby and 18 years professionally as a software engineer, architect, and product manager. During this time I’ve worked with dozens of languages and platforms touching nearly every layer from embedded microcontrollers through database, desktop, web, and mobile technologies. In 2001 I was the lead software architect of a platform that became North America’s first mobile app store. I’ve been in the mobile industry ever since, focused primarily on freelance iOS development since the summer of 2008.

To see some of the apps I’ve developed, please visit my portfolio.


Freelance iPhone/iPad app developer
Built many apps for a variety of clients using Objective C and the iPhone SDK. Also built iPhone modules in Objective C to extend Appcelerator Titanium. See my portfolio.
Technologies: Objective C, Cocoa Touch, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Appcelerator Titanium

Director of Product Management
Defined requirements and directed a team that grew to more than 20 offshore developers building a cross-platform SDK for mobile motion control and embedded software for a novel touch screen technology. Developed a prototype UI for a touch-based e-book reader.
Technologies: Visual C#

Product Technology Consultant
Performed a variety of services for clients including AJAX web development, product management, and project management.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Director of Technical Product Strategy, Software Architect, Software Engineer
Hired to help build a search engine as the company’s second developer when it was named Pinpoint. Became the original architect of the company’s flagship Fuel product, used by major operators like AT&T to sell and deliver mobile content. Ultimately assumed product management responsibilities as Director of Technical Product Strategy.
Technologies: C, Python, Perl, MySQL, Oracle, Java, J2EE

Software Engineer
Developed systems used to manage customer service engineers
Technologies: Visual C++, Visual Basic, ASP, Visual Basic for Applications, COM, ADO, DHTML, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, Javascript

Software Engineer
Integral Vision Systems
Built machine vision systems for color quality control and counterfeit currency detection.
Technologies: Visual C++, Visual Basic, C

West Virginia University
B.S., Computer Science

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